Calisthenics Trainer

Calisthenics are exercises that don’t rely on anything but a person’s own body weight. Trainers help clients reach their full potential, pushing them physically and mentally to achieve their goals.  

$30,000 - $100,000+

Education Varies

Moderate Demand

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Carlos Salas

Calisthenics Trainer & Entrepreneur – Train HRDR

Carlos is a Venezuelan fitness trainer, Calisthenics coach and entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada. Over the last 8 years, he’s had the opportunity to train with some of the most recognized Calisthenics athletes in the world, facilitate grass roots workshops and run group classes in Toronto’s top fitness studios.

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He is also the founder of Calisthenics Canada, the national federation that enables calisthenics growth across the country. He runs his own online personal training business, ‘HRDR’, through which we helps people get in the best shape of their lives by creating training programs based on Calisthenics. Pushing people to their limits and proving them how powerful they can be through discipline, accountability, consistency and dedication are just a couple of reasons why Carlos does what he does. A proud Venezuelan, his mission is to be living proof that being an immigrant is an asset and not a limitation, that a balanced lifestyle with a good attitude creates happiness and that success in fitness and life is about continual growth.

What is your educational background?
After finishing High School in Venezuela, Carlos moved to Canada and had to repeat 2 years of High School in order to be able to apply to Canadian Universities. He completed a 4 years Bachelor Degree in Environmental Design at OCAD University in Toronto with the intention of becoming an Architect but found a passion in Calisthenics and Fitness during that time. That drove him to get certified as a Personal Trainer and complete Calisthenics-specific certifications to expand his knowledge and grow his business.

What are your daily responsibilities?
Daily tasks as a small business owner change every single day but it basically consists of managing day to day operations with clients programming, progress and development. Marketing, social media and online content development is a big part of the daily routine.

What hurdles did you face?
 I faced a lot of hurdles especially as an entrepreneur but something that I understand is normal when creating something from nothing. I think about quitting often and I decide to go through the ups and downs, knowing that there is people who count on me. I’ve had to make sacrifices, compromises and investments (time, money, emotional, mental) to continue on and see my visions slowly come into fruition.

What advice would you give to the 15 – 18 year old version of yourself?
Never forget who you are and where you come from. Embrace your personality and what makes you, you.

No Es Cuestion De Leche, Es Cuestion De Actitud

Core Responsibilities


Develop skill focused training programs


Coach clients on building self confidence and physichal/mental goal setting


Act as a mentor and someone for their clients to confide in. 

Typical Workplace


  • Most are self-employed
  • Team coaches employ trainers to support their team

Attributes & Abilities 

Creativity Skills
Athletic skills
Organized & detail-oriented
Communication skills
Collaborative Skills

Calisthenics Trainer

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