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We Help Students Find The Path To Their Dream Careers

The Influential Team was started in 2018 as a platform to help minority youth research potential careers and find a mentor within their respective communities. We strongly believe in representation and understand that our youth strongly benefit from seeing people that look like them and sound like them in various industries.


  • Empower Black Youth
  • Provide accurate career advice from industry professionals
  • Connect youth to community events and resources
  • Influencing the leaders of tomorrow



Helping Students Find Their Dream Careers for Over 10 Years



Charles Agyemang

Charles Agyemang

President & Founder

While working as a Guidance Counsellor in Toronto, Charles Agyemang found that many students had very common career goals which were typically highly influenced by the world that they knew. The unfortunate thing is that many of our youth are surrounded by influences that are not the most positive. Influential Team aims to break this cycle. Providing career advice and mentorship from industry professionals that look like them, sound like them and share similar upbringings. He truly believes that our influences are valuable and our story no matter how big or small has the ability to change the lives of our youth and in turn the communities in which they live in.


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Etobicoke, ON M9W 5J2

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