Investment Advisor

Investment advisors help clients grow their personal wealth through various investment strategies. 

$60,000 - $150,000+

University Degree

High Demand

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Paul Popo-Ola

Investment Advisor – RBC 

Paul has more than 10 years experience providing clients with solid investment advice to help them build their personal wealth and prepare for their retirement. He was born in Toronto and comes from humble beginnings and is determined to help others gain the financial freedom that they deserve.

Core Responsibilities


Develop personal financial plans for clients cash management, investments and retirement/estate planning


Advise clients on implementing the financial plans to help them achieve their goals


Work to recruit new clients to expand portfolio

Typical Workplace

  • Employed by the banks or private equity firms.
  • Spend a lot of time reading the news, articles etc
  • The work is often stressful. Very competetive work space
  • Investments are generally time sensitive

Attributes & Abilities 

Creativity Skills
Analytical and problem-solving skills
Organized & detail-oriented
Mathematical skills
Collaborative Skills
Love for reading 
Grade 11

English (ENG3C/U)
Mathematics (MCR3U)
Business (Recommended)
Cooperative Education (Recommended)

Grade 12

English (ENG4U)
Mathematics (MHF4U & MCV4U & MDM4U)
Business (Recommended)

*Additional 4U/M Courses For University Candidates*

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Investment Advisor

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