Collections Agent

Collection clerks collect payments on overdue accounts and bad cheques and locate debtors to make collection arrangements.

$40,000 - $60,000+

College Diploma


Moderate Demand

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Queen Elizabeth Benedick
Collections Agent 

I am from Nigeria, came to Canada as an international student. Worked hard to follow my passion of working with children and families hence the program I studied. I wanted to make a change in the life of our future leaders, I know I can’t change every child I met but even if it’s one that I can positively influence it’s worth the whole time spent in school. I was Child Care supervisor prior to working from home as a collections agent. 

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What is your educational background?
Bachelors in Childhood Education 

What advice would you give the 15-18 year old version of yourself?
You are strong, you are not different but you are special. Never let anyone bring you down; no one has the power to tear you down unless you hand them that power. Keep your head up high and work into your manifestation. If you fail in one area, figure out your why and don’t make that same mistake again. Pursue what you love and not what people love for you. 

Core Responsibilities


Trace and locate debtors


Respond to customer inquiries, maintain good customer relations and solve problems


Recommend legal action or discontinuation of service

Typical Workplace

  • Employed by the banks, large corporations or private law firms.
  • Spend a lot of time sending emails and preparing billing documents.

Attributes & Abilities 

Creativity Skills
Analytical and problem-solving skills
Organized & detail-oriented
Mathematical skills
Collaborative Skills
Communication skills
Grade 11

English (ENG3C)
Mathematics (MBF3C)
Business (Recommended)
Cooperative Education (Recommended)

Grade 12

English (ENG4C)
Mathematics (MAP4C) (Recommended)
Business (Recommended)


Collections Agent 

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