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Career coaches help people find the job that suits them best. They work with clients to fulfill their potential.

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Brandesha Sinclair

Career Coach – The Working Millennial

I was born and raised in Toronto, ON as a first generation Canadian to Jamaican parents. The industry of Career Counselling was a path that happened quite naturally for me without really realizing it. Since the early age of 14 (when I got my first job) the idea of the labour market whether its your first job or long-term career always fascinated me. As time went, I didn’t have as much guidance as I would’ve liked to help navigate the world of work or post-secondary school but I found myself committing so much time doing research… for fun!

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What is your educational background?
Social Service Worker Diploma at Humber College (2 years) – Rushed after high school, was still in career exploration phase throughout, graduated and couldn’t find relevant work (which was also inspiring) and went back to school. Family & Community Social Services (3 years) – Was more strategic with courses, co-ops, summer jobs and resources. Found work in my field before graduation and have been working my way up since.

What are your daily responsibilities?
Conduct intakes with job seekers to help them identify their skills, interests and needs as well as challenges that are limiting employment opportunities. Assist clients in becoming more marketable and job ready through one-on-one coaching and guidance. Which includes resume building and mock interviews. Case management; documentation, handling files and case notes

What hurdles did you face?
After college, when I couldn’t find relevant or fulfilling work I was feeling discouraged. Luckily something told me to keep pushing and to try again.

What advice would you give to the 15 – 18 year old version of yourself?
I would say don’t rush the process. You can be anything you want but take time to know who you are and what you’re passionate about. This itself is a process but once you have that down everything else falls into place… Which it did.
Your situation does not define who you are. You do.

Core Responsibilities


 Help clients set and work towards career-related goals


Coach clients on building self confidence, employment skills and physichal/mental goal setting


Act as a mentor and someone for their clients to confide in. 

Typical Workplace

  • Employers include colleges and universities, and large companies and organizations
  • Most are self-employed
  • Coaches employed at companies usually work regular office hours
  • Self-employed coaches have more flexible schedules
    Travel to meet with clients or attend industry events

Attributes & Abilities 

Creativity Skills
Analytical and problem-solving skills
Organized & detail-oriented
Communication skills
Collaborative Skills

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Career Coach

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