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Career coaches help people find the job that suits them best. They work with clients to fulfill their potential.

$30,000 - $100,000+

Education Varies

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Sturr (Alistair Muhire)

Career Coach/Podcaster – Continual Growth

Born in the UK, raised in Canada,  Sturr grew up doing a lot of moving around through different neighborhoods, schools, and cities within the country. All that moving forced me to make new friends very quickly and it helped him develop a knack for becoming a curious and social kid. It was easy for him to understand at a young age that if you treat people the way you want to be treated, you’re able to encounter a lot joy for yourself and for those you surround yourself with. He has decided to pursue the life of an entrepreneur simply because he feels that it is time for him to make a difference in his life and to help impact this world in a positive way.

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What is your educational background?
I graduated high school, went to university to study Economics and Business Marketing… My educational background is one that will never end. I pride myself on learning something new every chance that I get. That might not mean that I am enrolled in a particular program or course, but trust that I’ve learned the importance and power of Knowledge.

What are your daily resposibilities?
Today I’ve transitioned into the role of Business Development for Continual Growth. Our mission is to build a lifestyle brand that aims to inspire people to live their best life through building & maintaining better habits all while generating experiences that cultivate happiness through personal growth. Most of my days consist of creating & sharing content, as well as building relationships with potential partners/collaborators to help educate and inspire people all over the world.

What hurdles did you face?
Sure! There are still days now where I think about quitting. There are plenty of reasons to feel fear, uncertainty, and doubt in today’s society. I’ve made an effort to allow that kind of thinking to be observed but not never applied. It’s normal to have these thoughts, but It’s important not to allow them to affect your progress. Quitting just means not doing anything about a problem you know needs to be fixed. Push through, something has to give.

What advice would you give to the 15 – 18 year old version of yourself?
I would say to him that timing is everything. Be patient, be curious, be kind, be loving, be honest, be open to change because it is inevitable. Learn to Listen…Listen to Learn. I once read that the deepest urge in human nature is the desire to feel important. Keep a positive mindset and continue to treat others with the same amount of respect you treat yourself with. #KeepGrowing


Core Responsibilities


 Help clients set and work towards career-related goals


Coach clients on building self confidence, employment skills and physichal/mental goal setting


Act as a mentor and someone for their clients to confide in. 

Typical Workplace

  • Employers include colleges and universities, and large companies and organizations
  • Most are self-employed
  • Coaches employed at companies usually work regular office hours
  • Self-employed coaches have more flexible schedules
    Travel to meet with clients or attend industry events

Attributes & Abilities 

Creativity Skills
Analytical and problem-solving skills
Organized & detail-oriented
Communication skills
Collaborative Skills

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Career Coach

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